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Our ASSIST PRODUCTS-PERS CARE/SAFETY services involve supporting and overseeing the daily personal tasks of individuals, with the goal of promoting independence and autonomy. This includes the provision of personal care and safety products such as specialized clothing, beds and pressure mattresses, toilet and bathroom equipment, and continence aids.​

Evergreen Care assistive technology services encompass a range of support and resources aimed at helping NDIS participant’s access and effectively utilize technology to improve their lives and promote independence.
Our services are designed to be person-centered and thus can vary depending on the participant’s needs. Some key aspects of our NDIS assistive technology services:

Communication Aids: These can include speech-generating devices, communication software, text-to-speech devices, and communication boards. They can help participants with speech or communication impairments to express themselves effectively.
Mobility Aids: Mobility aids include wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and canes. These devices can assist participants with mobility impairments in moving around independently and safely.
Assistive Listening Devices: This can cover technology like hearing aids and assistive listening devices for individuals with hearing impairments. These devices improve hearing and communication.
Vision Aids: This category includes items such as magnifiers, screen readers, Braille displays, and electronic glasses that help participants with visual impairments access information and navigate their environment.
Prosthetic/Orthotic Devices: Prosthetic limbs, orthotic braces, and customized footwear are examples of assistive technology that can enhance mobility and functionality for individuals with limb differences or orthopedic conditions.
Environmental Control Systems: These systems can enable participants with physical disabilities to control various aspects of their environment, such as lighting, temperature, and electronic devices, through voice commands, switches, or mobile apps.
Daily Living Aids: This category includes a wide range of devices like adaptive kitchen utensils, dressing aids, reachers, pressure mattresses and buttonhooks that can assist participants in performing everyday tasks independently.
Computer/Software Accessibility: We can also cover adaptive computer hardware and software, including screen readers, screen magnification software, voice recognition software, and adaptive input devices, to facilitate computer use for NDIS participants.
Vehicle Modification: To make transportation seamless, vehicle modifications can involve adaptations to cars, vans, or other vehicles to make them accessible and drivable for individuals with disabilities. This may include wheelchair lifts, hand controls, and accessible seating.
Medical Monitoring and Alert Systems: Some participants may require assistive technology for medical monitoring and emergency response, such as medical alert systems and devices that monitor vital signs
Educational and Learning Aids: The assistive technology we can provide for education can include adaptive software, electronic books, and specialized tools that help individuals with disabilities access educational materials and participate in learning activities.
Workplace Accommodations: We can support workplace accommodations by providing assistive technology that can allow participants to perform their job duties effectively. This may include ergonomic equipment, screen magnifiers, or adaptive software.
Recreation and Leisure Aids: These aids include adaptive sports equipment, specialized gaming controllers, and recreational devices designed to enable individuals with disabilities to engage in leisure activities.
We will conduct thorough assessments of your needs and capabilities to provide you with customized solutions!