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Unlock your full potential with NDIS EX PHYS PER Training (Exercise Physiology and Personal Training) Services.

Welcome to Evergreen Care, where we believe that physical well-being is for everyone, regardless of ability. Our NDIS Exercise Physiology and Personal Training (EX PHYS PER Training) services are designed to empower individuals with disabilities to reach their fitness and health goals, fostering not just physical strength but also enhancing confidence and overall quality of life

Our Exercise Physiology and Personal Training Services are focused on:

  • Tailored Expertise: Our team comprises highly qualified Exercise Physiologists and Personal Trainers who specialize in working with individuals with disabilities. We understand that everyone’s fitness journey is unique, which is why we offer a personalized approach to fitness and well-being
  • Inclusivity and Adaptability: We are committed to inclusivity and accessibility. Whether you’re new to fitness or have specific mobility challenges, we adapt our programs to meet you where you are. Our trainers are experienced in adapting exercises and equipment to ensure a safe and effective workout for all.
  • Holistic Approach to Health: We believe that health and fitness go beyond just physical exercise. Our services encompass nutrition guidance, mental health support, and motivation to help you achieve a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

Our NDIS Exercise Physiology and Personal Training Services (EX PHYS PER Training) include:

  • Customized Fitness Plans: We take the time to understand your unique goals and abilities. With this information, we create personalized fitness plans that focus on building strength, improving flexibility, and enhancing cardiovascular health.
  • Functional Assessments: Our team conducts thorough assessments to identify any physical limitations or functional challenges you may have. These assessments form the basis of your tailored exercise program.
  • Functional Movement Training: These programs are developed using result of functional assessments and generally focus on improving daily functional movements, helping individuals perform everyday activities with greater ease and independence.
  • Strength and Conditioning: We offer strength training programs designed to increase muscle tone, improve endurance, and support everyday activities. Our trainers utilize adaptable equipment and exercises to accommodate varying fitness levels.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness: Cardiovascular workouts are essential for overall health. Our trainers provide accessible cardio workouts that help improve heart health and stamina.
  • Balance and Coordination Training: Reducing the risk of falls and improving daily life confidence are priorities. We focus on enhancing balance and coordination through specialized exercises.
  • Nutritional Coaching: Proper nutrition is fundamental to health. At Evergreen, our team provides guidance on healthy eating habits and can tailor nutritional plans to your specific dietary requirements.
  • Emotional Support and Motivation: We understand that motivation plays a crucial role in achieving fitness goals. Our skilled trainers provide not only physical support but also emotional support to keep you motivated and committed.
  • Community Engagement: we can organize community-based fitness activities and outings to promote social inclusion and encourage participants to engage in physical activities within their communities.
  • Group Exercise Classes: what set us apart are our group exercise classes. Unlike many service providers, we offer group exercise classes tailored to individuals with disabilities. These classes provide a supportive and social environment for participants to work on their fitness goals.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: At evergreen, we ensure that exercise programs and facilities are accessible to all, regardless of mobility levels or disabilities. This may involve adaptive equipment, accessible workout spaces, and accommodating individual needs.
  • Adaptive Technology Integration: We can assist participants in using assistive technology and adaptive equipment to enhance their exercise routines and overall physical well-being.
  • Post-Injury Rehabilitation: At Evergreen Care Services, we can offer rehabilitation services for individuals recovering from injuries or surgeries, helping them regain strength and mobility.
  • Health Education: Most importantly at Evergreen Services, we understand the value of health. Thus we offer education on various health topics, including exercise benefits, injury prevention, and stress management, is often part of these services.

Your Fitness Journey Begins Here!

At Evergreen, we are passionate about making fitness accessible to everyone. Our NDIS Exercise Physiology and Personal Training services are dedicated to helping you lead a healthier, stronger, and more active life. Take the first step toward a brighter, more energetic future by contacting us today. Let’s work together to achieve your fitness aspirations and enhance your overall well-being.

Don’t wait; let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Your health and happiness are our priorities!