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Interpretation/Translation | Evergreen Care

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Our Interpretation/Translation services are designed to support individuals in effectively communicating during important personal, social, or community activities where mainstream translation services are not available. Our aim is to ensure that participants can confidently and independently engage in these activities with ease.‚Äč

These services help bridge language barriers, promote effective communication, and ensure that NDIS participants and their families can fully engage with the scheme. Here are key aspects of NDIS translation and interpretation services:

  • Language Access: We recognize and address the importance of providing information and support in languages other than English to accommodate the diverse linguistic backgrounds of participants and their families.
  • Interpret Services: These interpreting services can provide assistance in understanding and communicating with NDIS staff, and support workers, or during NDIS planning meetings and assessments. Professional interpreters help convey information accurately between languages.
  • Translation Services: Translation services involve translating written materials, such as NDIS documents, brochures, and forms, into languages other than English to ensure that participants can access and understand critical information.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Our NDIS Interpretation/Translation¬†services are provided with cultural sensitivity in mind. We aim to respect and understand the cultural backgrounds and nuances of participants and their families.
  • Support for Planning Meetings: Participants often engage in planning meetings with NDIS staff to develop their personalized plans. Translation and interpretation services can be crucial during these meetings to ensure that participants can actively participate and express their preferences and goals.
  • Family and Carer Involvement: Just like NDIS, we also recognize the importance of involving family members or carers in the planning and decision-making process. Translation and interpretation services can extend to these individuals to ensure they fully understand the participant’s plan and can provide valuable input.
  • Assisting in NDIS Access: For individuals who are new to NDIS or may face initial language barriers in accessing the scheme, translation and interpretation services can provide support in navigating the application and implementation process.
  • Ongoing Communication: Participants may require ongoing communication and support in their preferred language throughout their NDIS journey. This can include assistance in understanding service agreements, support plans, and updates.

As a registered NDIS service provider, we have received cultural competency training to better understand and work with individuals from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
The Interpretation/Translation services we offer aim to break down language barriers and promote equitable access to disability services for all participants, regardless of their language or cultural background.
These services are instrumental in ensuring that individuals with disabilities and their families can actively engage with the NDIS and make informed decisions about their support and care.